About Michele

From a very young age Michele Carver knew that horses would be a big part of her life in some form or another.  Lucky enough to have a mom who was passionate about horses, she started her show career with her first pony, a P.O.A, (Pony of the Americas), named Frosty. From there she moved on to showing Quarter Horses, where she had a successful youth career, winning several all-arounds, state year end awards, and a congress top-ten.  She knew from there that she wanted a career in horse training and coaching.

After graduating college with a degree in business, she went to work for her mentor and long time trainer, AQHA Professional Horseman of the year, and Judge, Gretchen Mathes.  With the help of Gretchen and her business partner, Gene Spagnola, Michele grew into a hard working, competent horse trainer.  With the support and encouragement of Gretchen and Gene, Michele leased barn space and started Michele Carver Performance Horses in 2003. She grew her business into a strong, successful, program specializing in youth and amateur all around training and coaching.

Michele bought her own farm in 2008 where she continues training and coaching all levels  of riding.  She has trained and coached several superior event horses, regional champions, congress top ten finishers, and AQHA World show qualifiers and finalists.

Michele learned from day one by her mother and carried on by Gretchen that the horses come first.  Their care is her utmost concern.  They are fed high quality hay and grain, are ridden 5-6 days a week and get turned out everyday on large grass pastures, something she feels is very important to the horses mental well-being.  

Michele insists that this same philosophy in horse care be practiced and learned by her students as well.  Under the guidance of Michele, her students learn much more than just how to ride, they learn about impeccable horse care, the use, care and appreciation of their tack and equipment, as well as the art of riding for all levels.

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